Colorful Eyeliner for black women

Eyeliner coloré peau noire et métisse.

Colorful Eyeliner for black women

When one looks at the fashion shows, one realizes that colored eyeliner is the trend on the catwalk. We gradually give up the black eyeliner for a colored eyeliner blue, pink, purple, orange, white or green. But, little by little, we realize that the colorful eyeliner is worn in all the moments of life to emphasize the looks.
Many black or mixed women still hesitate to wear colored eyeliners. They wonder if more flashy colors can marry perfectly with their black dyed or mast.
There are several types of eyeliners and different forms of application. Many stars like Kerry Washington, Kesha Cole and Kelly Rowland have already succumbed to the trend.

Advantage of colored eyeliner on the eyes

  • Illuminate the look. It gives it a colorful look and enhances a sober makeup.
  • Gives an intense, classy and sensual look.
  • Perfect for brighten up an outfit.
  • Eyeliner colorful adapts to all skin tones and all eye colors. Just choose the color of the eyes.
  • Gives a touch of originality.
  • It helps to put some color into our beauty routine.

The different forms of eyeliners.
Eyeliner can be presented in different forms. For example, it is found in the form of pencil, felt, khol, liquid, brush or cream.
Some tips for using eyeliner.
First the black eyeliner brings a glamor and classic touch. For a make-up day and night, it gives depth to the look.
When you use a colored eyeliner, you must associate the color of your eyes with that of your makeup.
You must combine your eyeliner with your complexion and a perfectly nude mouth. Because all the attention must be on the trait of eyeliner.

Others do the underliner. The underliner is a method in which the line of eyeliner is placed on the lower eyelid.
To have a doe look, apply your colored eye liner to the lower and upper eyelashes.
eyeliner blanc femme noire

eyeliner bleu femme noireeyeliner vert femme noire (2)

eyeliner jaune


eyeliner vert femme noire (1)

eyeliner coloré femme noire et métisse


eyeliner violet

eyeliner rose femme noire

Do you like colorful eyeliner?
What’s your faourite colour?

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