Celebrities strongly denounce slavery in Libya


Celebrities strongly denounce slavery in Libya

In November 2017, CNN’s video on the sale of slaves in Libya shocked the world. Sudanese journalist Nima Elbagir recounted the hell that migrants suffered in search of a better life. Due to lack of job opportunities, an unstable political climate, wars and poverty, these carefree African migrants were leaving their countries to start all over again. But, they did not know what was waiting for them.
Since the fall of Gaddafi, Libya has become an unstable country. Without a strong government, it is the armed groups, who really exercise power in this country. Encouraged by smugglers to cross, African migrants are kidnapped, sequestered and racketed in Libya by traffickers. Thousands of men, women and children are stacked on top of each other, locked in sheds like cattle. Deprived of all dignity, they suffer rape, torture, murder and various forms of slavery. Some are sold with impunity in some parts of the country. Others prefer to go through Egypt, but they find themselves trapped in organ trafficking. They are operated without their knowledge. The lucky ones manage to get on boats, but accidents often happen. Too many on makeshift boats, they drown at sea.
Many celebrities have been bruised by this story. They decided to denounce this barbarity that African migrants suffer on social networks.

  • TI

This is PURE EVIL!!!!! I’m LIVID!!!! Satin is BUSY as a muuufucka. Spiritual Warfare in full effect.What side u on?
Fight Back… Repost!!!! For more info just google “slave trade in Libya”

  • Rihanna

Wake up world!!! we need to make NOISE!!! #RIHpost

  • Chris Brown

“When France got bombed i see the entire fb saying pray for France, when Manchester got bomb i see the same. When Texas was flooding everyone was saying pray for Texas, but this slave trade is currently going on in Libya and we dno’t see it all over social media.. smh.

  • Cara Delevingne

  • LL Cool J


The slave trade in Libya must be stopped. The west used Military force to help the rebels remove Gaddafi. I believe that gives the West the moral obligation to get this country back on a healthy footing. Remove the slave holders by force and help establish a stable leadership.»

  • Jill Scott



  • Common


My heart breaks reading about what is going on in Libya right now. Please RT to spread the news. We are not talking about this enough.”

  • Puff Daddy


The slave trade that is going on in Libya has to STOP NOW. Speak up and speak out. We CANNOT be silent! !”

  • Naomi Campbell


I’m taking time out of my mourning period to address this issue which is shocking and in human.» #stoplibyaslavetrade #enditnow #progressnotregress #please #REPOST #staywoke #shinealightonslavery



  • Bella Hadid

I am so disturbed. As should all of you.Millions of African refugees are being bought, sold, murdered, raped, and taken as property. Some either drowned before even making it, or now completely trapped in Libya. And for the refugees who have already died will never be identified and end up being buried without even the decency of names or proper graves…But, this didn’t just start. This is something that now is thankfully being brought to light. But people continue to suffer. When researching, these images that are surfacing make me completely hysterical every time I look at them. Can you imagine looking into any one of their eyes? All of the pain they are suffering through. Emotionally, psychically, mentally.. I wish I could give them everything I have. I can’t even guess the scale of the pain that they are going through. This is inhumane. This is disgusting. These men..women..CHILDREN are losing their future. Their hope. Their dignity. This is a complete disregard of human LIFE. This is something that should not be happening regardless, and now we need to make sure it does NOT continue to happen ever again. It is something that as a whole we have to speak up&speak out against. Try to be the voice of these innocent and helpless men&women that can not be heard. There is no excuse for this. This is shameful. Imagine if that was your baby. Your loved one. YOUR family. Being sold as a slave. Treated completely less than what they truly deserve to be treated as. A real HUMAN. In what F*cking time are we in that this is still allowed to happen? Let’s make petitions.Support organizations that give aid to countries where these migrants are coming from. Become an advocate in the FIGHT against human trafficking and slavery. Show people what is REALLY happening in OUR world. Because it will only get worse from here if you choose to be silent. I always say:I know this post won’t heal lives or mend hearts immediately..but I will try my best To help and I hope whoever is following me,that you all do too. I am standing with all every1 in Libya to fight against slavery.With Love#SlaveryHasNOPlaceInThisWorld #Libya

  • Jesse Wiliams

Conditions have been created to allow & encourage countless disgusting yet predictable evils to ravage African people & economies. I’m reminded of 1 of #MallenceBartWilliams‘s @TEDTalks re: the myth of “African Aid” and naturally occurring African helplessness….”


  •  Mclyte


Unbelievable. I pray for things to be made right and just. I pray for all to be turned upside right. I pray for freedom for all and that God softens the hearts of the oppressor and all who have power to change this but choose to standby. I pray for the wherewithal and the wisdom to discern the next move to make when an autrocity such as this is being committed.

  • Lala Anthony

I have the same questions?!! What can we do? Besides throw up a post? I’m all ears. How do we end this madness‼️Someone pls tell me. I’m completely lost here. I’ve been online for days now researching this. This is heart breaking. #Repost @upscale_vandal ・・・ You all know me well enough to know i don’t ever post about world crisis because I’m not the type to put up a #PrayFor hashtag and forget about it. I do what i can in person & in silence because that’s how i support a cause. But what can i do here ? This picture almost brought me to tears. I’m posting it because I’m at a loss for words. What can we do to help ? Someone please tell me how to help.” #Libya 

  • Reverend Al Sharpton


CNN exposed that there is slavery occurring in #Libya in 2017, we must fight to end it. No human should be sold as property anywhere! “Stop slavery in #Libya! we are out here protesting for freedom. There is slavery in 2017 and we cannot stand for it. Get up stand up for what is right. Africans are not for sale!! Speak up. Educate those who say that slavery only exists in the history books.”- repost @nationalactionnetwork

  • Kris Jenner


Heartbreaking, barbaric and unacceptable. We must fight to end this! Speak up, spread awareness! The inhumanity must end. #Repost @iamsteveharveytv・・・ PLEASE WATCH #Repost @bishopjakes ・・・ The slave trade that is going on in Libya, and even globally, is an atrocity that has to STOP. We, as a people have to partner together to put an end to this horrific disregard for human life. Here are a few ways you can help: —Use YOUR voice (Social Media, your community, etc.) to raise awareness! —Support organizations that give aid to countries from which migrants are fleeing. —Contact your local officials and become an advocate in the fight against slavery & human trafficking. We have got to say something…we CANNOT be silent. #Libya #HumanTrafficking#SlaveryInLibya

  • Pharrell Williams



What do you think ? The fight is not over, so mobilize. Continue to talk about this crime against humanity. While you are eating, drinking and having fun, a life may be in danger. So let’s continue to raise awareness, for the release of those migrants who are suffering right now or I write this article. Who saves a life, saves humanity.


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