BIN BIN or BAYA: the necklaces of love to the African

BIN BIN or BAYA: the necklaces of love to the African

A true object of seduction aphrodisiac, bin bin or bayas marvelously adorn the waist and belly of African women. Women wear this kind of accessory when they want to seduce a man. It is an adornment of seduction, sensuality and femininity.
Tina, an African girl explains:

” The chains at the hip give me a certain elegance and my guy loves to see them on my body. “

Another woman went on:

 It must be acknowledged that today many of us wear these props. It is the fashion, they serve to highlight us and to put our beauty in highlight. By cons for the baya, our mothers tell us that it is good for babies, because it allows them to have a beautiful shape. Me, I know that these accessories are a catchy style. “

But, what are bin bin or bayas?

Bin bin or bayas are colored pearl necklaces that women wear around the hips. Suggestive, they are reserved for the intimacy of the woman and the couple.
Bin bin is found in Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo or Benin. In general, there are all over West Africa. It is a true ancestral tradition to wear pearls in the kidneys in these various countries. For example, among the Akan, the bride’s parents put gold baya on the bodies of their daughters during the first weeks of her marriage.

In addition, bin bin or bayas also have seductive, healing and protective properties.
There are several types of size collars. There are the DJAL DJAL in Senegal, which are small necklaces worn on the hips. FERL are large pearls, which make noise when moving. The noise is intended to stir up the curiosity of men. There are also the PÊMÊ, they are phosphorescent collars. Finally, you will find the MÔRÔMÔRÔ, which is perfumed, it serves to intoxicate his man.

5 reasons to wear belly necklaces:

  • They are objects of seduction.
  • They highlight femininity.
  • They emphasize the beauty and body of the woman.
  • They turn the heads of men. Indeed, some pearls can be perfumed or fluorescent, to better attract the eyes of these messiers.
  • They are also a symbol of wealth, power and sensuality.

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