Bermuda: the fashion trend for black men


Bermuda: the fashion trend for black men

When it’s hot and the temperatures are climbing, we’re looking for comfortable clothes to feel comfortable. For some time now, we see a return of strength of the Bermuda in men. Indeed, the Bermuda is a type of shorts, which goes down to the height of the knee or a little above. It is a garment that we wear during the hot season on vacation or in leisure sports.

Origin of Bermuda

Bermuda was born in Bermuda. British settlers in the 19th century wore Bermuda shorts to better withstand heat in the tropics. Then it becomes a clothing reserved for young people and children around the 1880s. It is no longer called Bermuda, but short panties.
In the workplace, it is impossible to wear a Bermuda shorts for a question of hygiene, security and images of the company. On the other hand, in Anglo-Saxon countries, we can come dressed more casually on Friday during Friday wear. But it all depends on your work environment.

Different types of bermudas.

Il existe différents types de bermudas. Par exemple, il y a des bermudas plus habillés, en jean, casual, etc. Il peut être porté dans n’importe quel style. C’est un accessoire très polyvalent. Le bermuda à la différence du jean peut se porter avec ou sans ceinture. 
Dans un style street wear, vous pouvez porter le bermuda avec un polo ou un T-shirt avec des sneakers basse.
Bermuda and elegance.
It is possible to wear your Bermuda in an elegant way. This trend has emerged thanks to fashion designers. Then you can wear a nice shirt or a blazer and accessorize your feet with beautiful shoes (moccasins or boots). It’s up to you to be imaginative and to be as elegant as possible with your Bermuda shorts.





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