Beautiful Black Babies – so cute !

Beautiful Black Babies – so cute !

Beautiful Black Babies – so cute !

In these times of tragedy, it is essential to remember the wonders of the world. Children are genuine blessings of God, to be cherished, protected and guided. Even if life is sometimes abrupt and complicated, nothing is more beautiful than to plunge into the gaze of a child to forget all these worries. Pure innocence, infinite love and sense of well-being for those who are fortunate enough to have children. So we leave a part of either in this world, a being that represents us. is in sentimental. And in spite of the difficulties we face, do not forget to cherish your families, your children and your friends. Nothing is more beautiful than to encourage, support each other and help each other. I think that together, we will create a better world with values of brotherhood, love and sharing.


                                                                        Crédit photo : shannon leigh studios




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