Afro puff – quick hairstyle for black women


Afro puff – quick hairstyle for black women

What is the Afro-puff?
Afro puff is a simple and practical hairstyle idea for black and mixed women. Indeed, it is a style of hairstyle that consists of attaching his afro cut with a large elastic or a scarf to obtain a top bunch well bulging in the form of a ball. You have to bring your hair back to the top of your skull and shoot them well to form a well-bumpy ball. It is a hairstyle that is realized in less than 5 minutes. 
Accessories: you need a little cream, gel, a soft bristle brush, a large elastic or scarf. 
The benefits of this style of hairstyle.

  • Simple and fast to realize on short or long hair.
  • It’s a chic and rock n roll hairstyle.
  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • It can be centered on the side (side puff), up or down.
  • It is suitable for all situations.
  • It is a hairstyle that is worn in the life of every day as for the great occasions.

Afro puff tutorial in pictures.
Be careful: do not hesitate to loosen your elastics when you do an afro puff if you have the fragile hair or traction alopecia.
Do not over-tighten, avoid headaches, but this will preserve your hair!
SONY DSCafro-puff-with-side-braids
Afro puff with cornrows on front head.
Afro puff on the side.
Afro Puff on short hair.


Do you like this hairstyle?


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