African fashion: Candy collection by Sika Designs

African fashion: Candy collection by Sika Designs

Sika Designs is a Ghanaian brand located in the United Kingdom. Inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Ghana, she presents you  “Candy” collection, which means bonbon in French
With its blend of brilliant colors, fusion between African and Western fabrics, Sika Designs stands out from the rest and is a real treat for the eyes. Sika offers you a wide range of stylish and chic clothes, which reveals beauty and splendor of each queen in you. With its luminous peplum-colored dresses, brightly colored Africa, you will not be disappointed with this collection.
With its textiles from West Africa, it also participates in the rise of urban afro chic style in London and around the world.
In addition, it should be noted that all clothing is manufactured in Ghana by highly skilled tailors and dressmakers. Sika works very closely with local traders and manufacturers to produce quality garments for the international market. By generating a regular income for the people involved, they are able to give back to the Ghanaian community and raise the level of garment production.

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  • Company: Sika Designs
  • Stylist : Phyliss Taylor
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  • Price of a dress: 100 to 160 £

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