82 years of Marriage: Duranord and Jeanne Veillard an eternal love


82 years of Marriage: Duranord and Jeanne Veillard an eternal love

Do you think true love exists? I confirm that “yes and yes”, sincere love exists through God. When love is sincere, it rhymes with respect and true feelings, it lasts and goes through the trials of time.
Duranord 108 years old and Jeanne 105 years old, a beautiful Haitian couple, reveals to everyone, like the couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, that love lasts eternally. Some people rush into marriages, without real feelings, to follow the world. While others take the time to know each other and build the foundations of their home and their common lives. The loved one thus becomes a love, a friend, a confidant for life, who shares the joy and pains of existence. So take friends time, find your soul mate, the one God chose for you. The one who will understand you, support you, support you in good times, as in the worst. Love with whom we laugh, but also with whom we cry.
Son of a fisherman, Duranord was born on February 28, 1907, in St. Louis of the South and grew up in Les Cayes in Haiti. Later, he went to study law in Port-au-Prince. There, he meets his wife Jeanne and marries him in 1932. Five lovely children are born of this love.

Veillard family
Veillard couple


In 1968, faced with a complicated situation, he lost his job and emigrated to the United States to take care of his family, after obtaining a tourist visa. One by one, with great patience, the Veillard family and their children settled in America. Thanks to God, he returned to Good Samaritan Hospital as a laboratory technician for 10 years before retiring. The couple resides in Spring Valley, New York.
 The daily newspaper Duranord is very exhilarating. At around five in the morning, Duranord gets up every day and does some exercise to keep fit. He pays attention to his health and eats healthily by taking a good breakfast with fresh fruit, a cup of coffee and oatmeal. Duranord is funny and loves a lot of fun.
Jeanne is more calm. She stays at home and watches with love over her husband. When they go out, it’s often to see their family doctor. Check that despite age, they are always healthy.
According to their great daughter Vely, aged over 60:

 They still benefit each day from their common life “.

With old age, Duranord is almost blind and hears very little. But that does not prevent him from crunching life to the fullest. He loves to make jokes in Creole or French and likes to share his birthday cake with the guests.
Currently, the 82-year-old couple lives with their daughter, Marie Eveillard. Despite their age, Jeanne takes care of her husband alone, without help. She is a strong woman, who sincerely loves her husband.

  • Length of marriage: 82 years. They are aged 108 and 105 respectively. They married in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.
  • Their births: Duranord was born on February 28, 1907 and Jeanne was born in 1910
  • Married: in November 1932, in Haiti. The same year Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president.
  • Children: 5
  • Grandchildren: 12 including one of the daughters Marie Yoland Eveillard, aged 61
  • Great grandchildren: 14

Advice concerning the couple’s life:

  • Duranord explains in Creole that “God” is the secret of the longevity of his couple. But also that the duration of their love is due to their optimism and that they try to always communicate to avoid disputes.
  • For Duranord, it is important to share the joys and sorrows with his partner.
  • According to his wife Jeanne: “You have to exercise regularly and think about doing things in a positive way. “
  • One of their children Marie Yoland Eveillard tells the press: “Despite their age, my mother is still looking after my father alone, without help” she says.
  • The grandson of the couple Eric Alexis explains: “It’s very motivating to be around them. When I am downstairs, I watch them get up, they are a real source of inspiration

What do you think?

Do you believe in true love?


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