6 Beard Styles for black men


Comment coiffer ma barbe  

6 Beard Styles for black men

Beard has become a true fashion phenomenon today. In commercials, cinema, among celebrities, the beard is a real weapon of seduction. Mustache, goatee, full beards, women crave more and more men with beards.
Sexy, manly, 100% male, you let yourself be captivated by the charm of these gentlemen virulent. But, tell me which style to adopt a very stylish beard! If you are in this case, read this article urgently!

1. Goatee and mustache.
Barbe autour de la bouche CraigDavid
 Barbe-beard-dwyane-wade  goatee-beard-blackmen-barbe

 2. Mustache.Moustache-beard-Idriss-Elba

Mustache-Martin-luther-king Mustache-beard-terrence


3.Chin strip and mustache.

Style barbe Black-men-buzz-cut

Short-black-hair-for-men Barbe-beard-EddyMurphy
Barbe-beard-Idriss-Elba Barbe-beard-diddy

4. Short beard.Barbe-beard-50 cent


Barbe craig_david Barbe-beard-dwyanewade

5. Full beard.


Barbe-Common Barbe-beard-barry_white
6. Barbe Blonde.


Beard-Blond-blackmen-Djibrilcisse barbe-brianskinner

Do you like this beard styles?

What’s your favourite ?


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