Incredible realistic ballpoint pen drawings by Enam Bosokah | Pen Art

Incredible realistic ballpoint pen drawings by Enam Bosokah | Pen Art

Enam Bosokah is a talented Ghanaian artist. He makes incredible realistic pen-ball portraits. Sculptor by training, he specializes in Pen Art. That is to say, with a simple ballpoint pen and drawing paper, he creates hyperrealistic sketchy portraits that look exactly like photos.
Enam was born into a family of 7 children in Ghana. His love and passion for art is an ancestral legacy, as his father and younger brother also draw. When he was in elementary school, his teacher told them to draw an animal. When she watched Enam’s work, she found her amazing drawing and asked the whole class to come see her work.
To realize his dream and improve himself, he goes to study art at Kwame-Nkrumah University. He ended up getting a master’s degree in fine arts. But, he is quickly disappointed. He had put so much energy and optimism, but he had no money to buy materials. Humble, he decides to return to the sources by realizing Pen Art. With patience, his art ends up revealing and refining with a simple ballpoint pen and a drawing paper.

I studied art at university, painting and sculpture, my specialty. I discovered the power of the pen after my first degree. I was looking for an alternative means of expression at the time “,
The pen is a very simple but powerful tool,” he confided.
 The pen is very economical; I don’t get to buy a lot of materials and I am good to go. My use of the pen is to prove that those things we underestimate [can create great things]. My use of the pen in creating something of high quality is a message to the public that the little things that you have also counts.

With many layers of pencils, wide and cross lines, he makes amazing drawings inspired by photographs. He refines them with subtle shading and texture so that his subjects appear three-dimensional.

Art within me keeps growing and growing. I don’t know where the painting thing is going to take me, but I am willing to explore. I want to get deep into my subject and focus on that inner being of my subject and that it what I try to capture, the essence of a person through an original portrait drawn only with a ball point pen.
A lot of artists avoid pens because of the irreversibility (i.e., the inability to erase), but I believe it is one of the easier tools to work with. When I use the pen it is like I am adding to the paper – I can’t take it back,” says At Am.

He likes to paint portraits of men or women they meet or famous black personalities like Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Mohamed Ali, Lupita Nyango, Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King Jr., Patrice Lumumba, Kofi Annan, Maya Angelou etc. . But he also makes portraits on order at $ 300 for an A3 and $ 250 for an A4 (about 260 and 220 euros).

Enam also regrets the lack of government support for local artists, unlike many other countries.

 We are not being provided the needed support. Elsewhere, funds are made available for artists for projects but there are no such things in Ghana. So if you are doing anything, you have to fund it yourself [and it makes it very difficult to work].

His goal is to inspire people all over the world, whatever his medium, with beautiful works of pencil, sculptures and paintings.

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