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Short haircut: Rihanna makes us want to adopt short hair

Short haircut: Rihanna makes us want to adopt short hair.

Short haircut is a bold hairstyle that gives style and character. Very trendy, it can be worn at any age and is suitable for almost all women. When you’re looking for a radical change, this is the hairstyle to go for.

Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Halle Berry, Eva marcille wear short haircut wonderfully. Our favorite Barbadian singer is a constant inspiration for us, as she is a true fashion icon. With her pixie short hair, wavy, sophisticated, curly, colored destructured, boyish, voluminous, with or without fringe, she makes us want to opt for the short cut.

11 advantages of a short hairstyle 

  • Short haicut requires little maintenance.
    It is a bold hairstyle that highlights the facial features.
  • It’s an ideal choice when you want to change your look radically.
  • Short haircut is suitable for all hair types.
  • It offers multiple look and styling possibilities.
  • It reveals a woman’s natural beauty.
  • It’s a trendy style that’s very much in vogue.
  • Simple, practical and quick to do.
  • It is easy to accessorize.
  • It is a hairstyle synonymous with independence and self-confidence.
  • Considered as a symbol of control over one’s life for some people.

According to his face, which short to choose?

For an oval face: all short hircuts will fit you. You can choose any haircut. Let your desires and imagination run wild.

For a round face: choose a pixie haircut or a very short, gradient cut. You can arrange it with highlights on the front and short at the back.

For a rectangular or long face: you can opt for a voluminous cut or a bowl haircut. Think about putting volume above the head and little on the sides. It’s good to soften the features.

For a square face: prefer short, tapered and layered haircuts to bring more softness to your face. Remember to clear the forehead to lengthen the square face.

For a face with a wide forehead: choose the short haircut with a fringe. 

How to maintain it?

The advantage of short haircut is that it requires little care and is easy to style. You just need your fingers, gel or mousse, round or flat brush, hair dryer, rollers and curling iron. Don’t hesitate to go to the hairdresser to refresh your style every 4 to 8 weeks.

So if you feel like trying the short cut adventure, let yourself be inspired by the beautiful Rihanna.

Short haircut with fringe

Voluminous blond curly short haircut + shaved sides

Short square haircut

Trendy red short haircut with fringe

Short Boy’s cut with fringe

Curly short square haircut

Short blond haircut raised upwards + shaved side

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