Floods in Sierra Leone. Who is mobilizing to help Sierra Leone?


Floods in Sierra Leone. Who is mobilizing to help Sierra Leone?
Many people complain about the lack of media coverage on the African continent during natural disasters. When horrific events happen in Paris, Barcelona or elsewhere, Africans always bring their sympathies and compassions to those who suffer. But when the African continent is affected, there is a difference in size between media coverage of floods in Sierra Leone and floods of Hurricane Harvey in the United States. And, it’s sad, because all the lives are the same. The billionaire Tony O. Elumelu or the star of the round ball Didier Drogba emphasize this fact.
All lives whether on the African continent or elsewhere are the same and shd attract the same media attention & human sympathy ,” says Tony O. Elumelu.
But what really happened in Freetown in Sierra Leone?
3 days of torrential rain hit the capital of Sierra Leone. This rain created floods throughout the city and landslides. The mudslides mixed with the torrents of water destroyed everything in their path.
The official record is:

  • More than 500 people died.
  • Including 105 deceased children.
  • 800 people have disappeared.
  • And more, 2,000 to 3,000 people have lost their homes. They find themselves on the street overnight.

What are the urgent needs?

  • Immediate help to save lives
  • To shelter those who have lost their homes in a safe place.
  • Identify the living and the dead.
  • Distribute drinking water and food.
  • Provide medical assistance for the injured,
  • Fight against epidemics of cholera or dysentery or others.
  • Provide basic materials for victims.
  • Manage emergency aid responsibly and transparently, without corruption, because many lives depend on it.

President Ernest Bai Koroma asks for help from the African Union and the international community. But, the help intervenes slowly.

The devastation was overwhelming us. “Entire communities have been wiped out,  we need urgent support now.” said Ernest Bai Koroma from the district of Regent.
The army is still deployed at the scene of the disaster and it always finds bodies here and there. We are also concerned about the women and children, the survivors, the affected communities. They are housed in temporary reception centers where we provide psychosocial support, food and medical supplies. But that is not enough, which is why we are appealing to the international community. In Sierra Leone, we went through a devastating conflict in the 1990s, we lived through the epidemic of Ebola which cost the lives of many of our compatriots, but we have never witnessed a disaster of this magnitude in one Only day. So this is very traumatic for us and we are overwhelmed. We are grateful to the countries that have given their support, but we still need a durable solution that will relocate the affected people and not only those who are affected, but also those in other risk areas, ” said the spokesman Presidency Abdulai Bayraytay
 In some quarters, entire communities seem to have been swallowed up and what remains is covered with mud, “reported Abdul Nasir.

But, fortunately, not everyone is the same. While some media keep silent about the catastrophe in Sierra Leone that has caused the lives of more than 500 people, such as United Bank for Africa (UBA), Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, Action contre la faim, UNICEF, ONU, Croix rouge or various personalities and countries of the world are providing emergency assistance to Sierra Leone.
Volunteers and associations provide drinking water, food and care. But the authorities are doing all they can to fight against the epidemics of cholera, typhoid, etc.
Volunteers and associations provide drinking water, food and care. But the authorities are doing all they can to fight against the epidemics of cholera, typhoid, etc.
Here is a list of donors by thanking them for their help:

  • 1 / Israel sent an initial emergency transport to help Sierra Leone. Through its embassy in Senegal, they have donated over 20,000 servings of food and basic necessities.
  • 2 / The UK announced a £ 5 million aid. (Approximately 5.5 million euros.)
  • 3 / Nigeria donated 315 tons of varied relief supplies and $ 1 million to Sierra Leone to help alleviate the suffering of people affected by floods and landslides in the country.
  • 4 / Togo will donate $ 500,000 (€ 425,000)
  • 5 / China has already promised a million dollars (850 000 euros)
  • 6 / Various West African countries provide funds and basic necessities in Freetown.
  • 7 / The European Commission has announced that they will give € 300,000 for emergency humanitarian aid.
  • 8 / The World Food Program, WFP has also started to distribute aid to 7,500 people.
  • 9 / La Croix rouge has allocated 234,000 euros for research and to provide first aid to some 9,000 inhabitants of Freetown.
  • 10 / Nigerian banker Tony O. Elumelu has contributed over $ 500,000 to the country.
  • 11 / Many rescuers and volunteers are mobilizing to save lives.

But, how to deal with this kind of tragedy in the future.
Take into account the lessons of the past, by building adequate and habitable housing that can cope with this kind of disaster.
Observe safety regulations when building houses.
Prepare and train people to deal with this type of natural disaster.

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