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Afro haircut inspiration by Solange Knowles

Afro haircut inspiration by Solange Knowles

Afro haircut is a natural and trendy hairstyle for black and mixed-race women.  Thanks to the Nappy revolution, they have become aware that their frizzy hair is beautiful. Breaking down society’s stereotypes, they care for and grow their curly hair to have a thick lioness mane. 

The sister of the singer Beyonce, Solange Knowles, wears the Afro cup perfectly. She is sparkling and sublime with her curly hair. This hairstyle gives her an assertive style and highlights her origins. Great naturalista, she shows the magnificence of natural hair. And made one of her signature. The American star got married in New Orleans with a magnificent afro. She testifies that this hairstyle can be worn on all occasions.

Moreover, she has proven time and time again that she doesn’t care what the company thinks of her hair. And it also unlocks certain complexes in many black women to free themselves from diktats and prejudices. It reveals the pride of black and mestizo women in putting forward their natural hair.

Her beauty advice for afro haitcut

Solange Knowles will reveal her beauty secrets to Essence magazine for the maintenance of her mythical hairstyle.

  • She explains that she regularly uses Carols Daughter monoi oil shampoos and conditioners.
  • But she also uses raw shea butter every day and pure argan oil when they are really dry.
  • Once a week, she washes and applies a mask.
  • She brushes her hair starting with the ends.
  • She settles under a heating helmet to make the mask penetrate.
  • After rinsing, she takes two small locks of hair and twists them. This process is repeated strand by strand.
  • Then she takes a shower, without getting her hair wet, while letting the steam curl it.
  • When she gets tired of looking after it, she braids or extends it.

How long does it take to get this volume?

First of all, straightening should be avoided. It takes at least 5 years to have the same volume of hair as Solange. It is also important to nourish and maintain your hair on a daily basis.

“With the right care gestures, you can do anything with curly hair. It’s one of the easiest hair to style, because it’s already textured, no need to crepe it, give it volume, give it matter… And how beautiful, an afro ball ! Left free or accessorised, it’s in all cases a real ornament, and a magnificent volume…”  Harold James.

4 reasons to wear afro haircut

  • A hairstyle synonymous with independence and pride.
  • The identity hairstyle of the black people.
  • A glamorous and revolutionary hairstyle. 
  • Symbol of the struggle for civil rights and against racism.

Difference is a good thing and is our strength. The advantage of frizzy hair is that you have a wide choice of hairstyles to wear. Talented artists such as Michael Jackson, in the Jackson Five period, Diana Ross, Angela Davis, Pam Grier, James Brown wore this beautiful hairstyle with pride and elegance.


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