Why are successful Black women often single?

Why are successful Black women often single?

Is an intelligent and successful woman destined to be single?

Pourquoi les femmes noires qui réussissent sont souvent célibataires? YouTube play

This video shows that some women are single because they are demanding on different points:

  • 1/ They have too high expectations about men: “the search for potential”.

Indeed, many accomplished women often have high expectations of men. They do not want to choose any partner in their lives. They are demanding and intransigent in this area. Careers and graduates, they seek a man with the same intellectual aspirations. For example, two women careerists were looking for graduate men, with a great job as a surgeon or lawyer. And often they preferred to remain single, rather than being badly accompanied. But by dint of waiting, they end up aging alone, with stories without a future and without children.


  • 2/ Too busy, they prefer work instead of their companions or their children.

On the other hand, given the pressure exerted in their work, a careerist woman does not give herself the right to make mistakes. He is a real workaholic, who leaves no room for mediocrity and weakness, which may seem authoritarian. She knows what she wants and can not bring herself to accept something she does not want. Determined, she works so much, that she does not often have time to cook or spend time with her man because she has goals to achieve. And, since time is money, some men get tired quickly of this kind of situation.


  • 3/ Too aggressive and demanding towards their men.

In addition, strong women who know what they want can turn out to be too aggressive, unintentionally. They are used to controlling their destinies, but in life, everything is not just a matter of control or self. Autonomous, independent, they have difficulty in trusting and delegating. Man often finds it difficult to find his place in this kind of situation.

Also, these women must understand that being vulnerable is not a weakness, but also a strength. We all need to be reassured and protected, no matter what level of life we belong to. You have to be able to compromise, even if you do not agree.


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In conclusion, to achieve the love you want, be ready to make concessions. Even if you have an important job and a high intellectual level, choose a man according to his heart and his values, not only according to his potential, otherwise you will end up alone. We are looking for a life partner, not a hard work colleague like yourself, but a person who will step you up in the right moments, like in the bad ones.

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