Who am I ? History and Identity

Unite - Qui suis-je ? Histoire & IdentitéI am an “orphan.” Who am I? The story is the source of our identity. Many questions concern human origins. How a child can he build? When he knows neither history nor his parents. How can we develop all with shadows of his past? The question of origins and remains inseparable from human reflection. Hence the question: “Who am I?”

Who am I ? History and Identity

When I close my eyes I see myself set foot on the African savannah. I imagine my ancestors who lived there. I remain appreciative of knowledge conveyed by the men and women of our history. The tremendous wealth they have left. What matter its environment, its color and its origins. The past, present and future intertwine incessantly. I look in me the origins of everything to make it a strength.

AfroCulture.net is a blog that sets out to discover unknown stories. He crosses the seas, horizons to reach their destination. The destination is the sharing of knowledge, history that are fundamental to our construction. It thus presents the riches and sorrows of Africa, the Caribbean and the homecoming of African Americans. Some topics may offend or to cry. The purpose of this blog is really to discuss the often taboo subjects in our society.

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