Oxford Shoes | Classic Shoes for Men


Oxford Shoes | Classic Shoes for Men

For formal and noble occasions, you can choose to wear Oxford shoes, in French, they are called “Richelieu”. With a closed lacing, a varnished or brushed leather, a V-shaped opening, these sublime pairs of shoes will bring character to your costumes and business suits. Symbol of masculine elegance and good taste, it is the reference shoe to dress well.

For history, these shoes emerged in the seventeenth century. They are worn by students at Oxford University. Traditionally, they were built with leather and had an elongated beak with a seam that separated it from the rest of the shoe. Today, they have a lot of materials and different styles.

Oxford are ready for work, at a wedding or at parties truly dressed.

How to maintain them?


  • To clean your shoes, you can wipe them with a soft, damp cloth and a little soap.
  • Then, apply black shoe polish to the tip with a clean cloth by drawing circles on the shoe.
  • Let dry and shine the leather by rubbing vigorously.




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