Nigerian men’s traditional clothing | African Elegance

Nigerian men’s traditional clothing | African Elegance 

Elegance, glamour, style, African men are just sensational in traditional African clothing. What I like about Africa is that fashions can change, but the tradition remains firm and intact despite the weather. In many African countries, at official ceremonies, weddings, births or in everyday life, men and women dress in beautiful traditional clothing that is representative of their ethnic groups and the culture of their countries. is amazed by this natural African elegance. Today, we take you on a trip to Nigeria to discover traditional men’s clothing.

Without further ado, here is a compilation of the most beautiful traditional African outfits worn by Nigerian men.

Among the Yoruba people

  • Location: Southwestern and Central-Northern Nigeria 

Yoruba men wear a traditional outfit that consists of four pieces.




 The Agbada is a long dress with wide sleeves and shoulders, which he wears like a jacket. Agbada is synonymous with elegance in Nigeria.


The Buba is a traditional shirt for Yoruba men. It is also worn by women.

On the other hand, Sokoto is a corded pants. The two most popular pants are the sooro (tight pants) and the Kembe (loose pants).

He accessories this traditional garment with a “Fila” a traditional hat and a long pearl necklace. 


Dashiki is a larg and colorful sleeveless shirt. This Yoruba garment is very popular internationally. Many people from all over the world, including celebrities, love wearing Dashiki.


Among the Hausa, Kanuri and Fulani peoples

  • Location: Northern Nigeria




Men of the Hausa, Kanuri and Fulani peoples dress with a Jalabiya or Kaftan.

Originally, Jalabiya was a long traditional garment worn by Arab men and women. It looks like a long dress. Muslims wear this black or white clothing for religious gatherings and obligations.

This outfit has remained very popular among Nigerian men because of its simplicity and ease of donning. It has gone from a simple religious garment to a declaration of style. They wear it on the street, at home and for special events.



Hausa men also wear Kaftan and Dashiki. Kaftan is a traditional outfit that is very popular with them. 

Among the Igbo people

  • Location: Eastern Nigeria



Many Nigerian men of Igbo and Niger Delta origin wear a “senator” style tunic. The Senator style is a simple and minimalist outfit, easy to wear, made from a suit. This garment consists of a shirt or a top with short or long sleeves, accompanied by simple and sober pants. It can be accessed with a matching hat. This outfit was popularized by former Senate President Anyim Pius. 


The Igbo people also wear the “Isiagu“, a traditional outfit that resembles the Dashiki. It is a top or shirt, worn at weddings, holidays and important ceremonies with traditional packaging or pants. This shirt is worn with a cape and a red hat (except for untitled people).

Traditional Wrapper 

It is a knitted or woven garment worn by both men and women during cultural events. The scarf is tied until it reaches the ankles and the Isiagu is carried with it. 




Nigerian men also wear beautiful Ankara style clothing (costumes, jackets, trousers, shirts) for casual wear or sophisticated embroidered clothing for important ceremonies.



Atiku is a modern, very stylish outfit worn by Nigerian men. Sophisticated, elegant, it remains a traditional fabric in great demand. The important point is that this garment is available in one colour and one material.


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What is your favorite traditional outfit?


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