Ikea collaborates with African designers | Design Indaba

Ikea collaborates with African designers | Design Indaba

Swedish retail giant, Ikea, is very interested by Africa. Marcus Engmann, Ikea’s artistic director, launched a very noteworthy phrase:

The creative explosion which is taking place in several cities around Africa right now is something IKEA is curious about,” said Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA. “We want to learn from this and spread it to the rest of the world.»

Without losing time, Ikea partnered with Design Indaba team, an online multicultural platform for African artists based in Cape Town, South Africa, to create a new collection on theme of Africa. Specifically, they want to establish a collaboration between designers of ikea and Africa designers to produce a flagship collection for 2019. These men and women evolve in various fields such as architecture, Design and art.

Here is a list of the designers recruited by Ikea who come from different African countries:

Designers Architects
  • Sindiso Khumalo (Afrique du Sud)
  • Bethan Rayner et Naeem Biviji (Kenya)
  • Hend Riad et Mariam Hazem (Egypte)
  • Selly Raby Kane (Sénégal)
  • Laduma Ngxokolo (Afrique du Sud)



  • Issa Diabaté (Côte d’Ivoire)
  • Paula Nascimento (Angola)
  • Christian Benimana (Rwanda)
  • Renee Rossouw (Afrique du Sud)




This collaboration will be a real opportunity for the African continent. It will showcase the beauty, work and cultural richness of Africa around the world. In addition, the collection will be on sale at 392 Ikea stores in 48 countries.


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