Ecliff Elie: Caribbean designer of luxury clothing for refined men | Trinidad and Tobago

Ecliff Elie: Caribbean designer of luxury clothing for refined men | Trinidad and Tobago

In the Caribbean, there is a new generation of very talented designers who have succeeded in establishing themselves in the world of fashion through their creativity and sense of taste. will introduce you to the various talents of Caribbean culture, who have succeeded through perseverance and hard work, in representing an entire community.

Ecliff Elie: designer from Trinidad and Tobago

Love of fashion is what rocked the childhood of the Caribbean designer, Ecliff Elie, from Trinidad and Tobago. Since the age of 14, he has expressed his creativity by drawing the beauty of what he sees. Courageous, hardworking, he will become one of the most renowned designers in the Caribbean. Fashion show, his world is spinning at a thousand miles an hour.

Elie specializes in the creation of luxury clothing for men.

« My mission is to create designs entrenched in innovation and quality that allows our clients to fall in love and support our legacy », say Ecliff Elie.

These tailor-made costumes have an elegant, refined and contemporary style. You can wear them at work or at important ceremonies (weddings or other). We saw celebrities like Soca Shurwayne Winchester and Kes wearing the designer’s creations.

But he also makes casual clothes for men. After 20 years of experience, he has gradually succeeded, thanks to his perseverance, in establishing himself in the Caribbean fashion industry, but also internationally.


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