Breaking down cultural barriers through Art – Chidinma Dureke

Breaking down cultural barriers through Art – Chidinma Dureke

The purpose of my work is to break down the cultural barriers and stereotypes. I choose to give African women and children a voice where they delicately display the pride and beauty that not only comes from Africa or Black America but all cultures.”

Chidinma Dureke, aka Chi-chi, is a young Nigerian and African-American painter based in Washington, DC. She is a talented artist, a graduate of Fritsburg State University.
To create her paintings, she uses colours, textures, organic shapes and traditional techniques to create fresh, iconic, expressive and diverse images. In her work, she wants to break down cultural barriers and stereotypes. Through her art, she shows the beauty and pride of the black people and African culture.
Chi-Chi is a complete artist. She has created several book covers, magazines, websites, business cards. In addition, it has produced the WETATi logo, which has received many positive reviews.


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