Banana peel: a natural trick to whiten your teeth

Banana peel: a natural trick to whiten your teeth

Everyone wants to have a star smile, with bright white teeth. But, often it’s quite expensive and we are often scared of the chemicals embedded in it.

Fortunately Mother Nature is here. And it offers us a cheaper and more economical way to whiten their teeth. Who I admit is a bit unusual. We just need to use a fruit that we consume all the time and thus to banana peel to have very white teeth

Rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium and vitamin D, banana peel abounds inside these peels of many benefits for our daily life. Banana peel is a natural trick to whiten the enamel of your teeth and restore radiance to teeth tarnished by coffee, soft drinks, red wine or time.

 Many people around the world have become bananas mania. That is to say, addicted to banana peel. So friends, do not dare to throw your banana peels in front of them!

How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Buy banana.
    2 / Eat there and keep the skin.
    3 / Rub the inner white side of the banana peel on your teeth from front to back for about 5 minutes minimum.
    4 / Then rinse with water.
    5 / Do it regularly (morning or after each meal), and in a few weeks your teeth will be whiter and more radiant.

Whiten your teeth with banana peel

Results on the photos below:

1 Banana peel before 2 banana peel after
Before using banana peel
After using banana peel

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What do you think ? If you have ever used banana peel, share your experience.


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