Alley of the Baobabs: a magical place to visit in Madagascar

 Alley of the Baobabs: a magical place to visit in Madagascar


Located in the west of Madagascar, between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina, avenue of the Baobabs is a magical and exceptional place where there is a group of 12 trees of Baobab type Adansonia grandidieri, more than 800 years old, of 30 meters that are located on the dirt road.
Known as “Renala“, the Avenue des Baobabs is also named “mother of the forest” or “roots of heaven” by the Malagasy. This avenue offers visitors a spectacular view at dawn and dusk. It’s a real rainbow of beauty. The sky goes from blue to orange with a beautiful purple gradient that pulls to black. The sunset is sensational, it gives a red color to the trunks of Baobabs.
Since 2007, the Avenue des Baobabs is a protected area and a very popular site, which is declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the most photographed places on the island.
Legend on the alley of the Baobabs.
Legend has it that God created a majestic tree, big and powerful. The Baobab was so beautiful that all the birds came to nest in its branches. All the animals were resting in his shade. All these attentions made that the Baobab became a proud tree. The other trees in the forest were praising his beauty. To punish the Baobab for his excessive hubris, God decided to plant the spectacular tree upside down. What give an impression that the roots of the Baobab are turned to the sky.

When to visit this magical place?

  • In the morning, the avenue of baobabs is very peaceful, because there are very few tourists.
  • The sunrise or the sunset brings a very interesting lighting and a magnificent sight to see with the changes of color of the sky.
  • You can buy souvenir gifts because there are local merchants who sell very pretty baobab sculptures at unbeatable prices.


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