Alexx Ekubo elegant and chic for Yomi Casual

Alexx Ekubo elegant and chic for Yomi Casual 

For several years, Nigerian actor Alexx Ekubo was a major role model for the Yomi Casual brand.
Yomi Casual is a Nigerian unisex brand that brings a touch of freshness, simplicity and modernity to traditional clothing. It is a fusion between modernity, culture and tradition. With a monochrome, graphic, tailor-made style, these outfits are perfect for elegant men and women.
The various collections offer a variety of colours, from neck embroideries to full embroideries and large short and long sleeves. Including tunics, geometric shapes, refined monochromes, vibrant printed patterns.
One of the advantages of Yomi Casual clothing is that it can be worn on various occasions. (everyday life, work, weddings, big events) 

On Instagram Alexx announced its partnership with the brand by becoming a clothing designer. He brings his touch of creativity and refinement to this new collection.


  • Designer: @yomicasual
  • Model: @alexxekubo, @yomicasual
  • Photographer: @ayoalasi
  • Location: @trisholuxuryinteriors
  • Publicist: @moafricapr


Do you like the collaboration between Alexx Ekubo and Yomi Casual?



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