About us

About us 


With a high traffic blog (+100 000 visits per month), Facebook with more 70 000 followers, a Youtube with more than 22 000 subscribers, which attract many people of all horizons, Afroculture.net has arrived at develop considerably with your support.

The idea Afroculture.net was born following the many trips between Africa, England and France of its founder and her personal experience. 

From my background, I come to the conclusion of:

“Feed your roots and take control of your future. “

This phrase is indicative of our history and takes on a considerable meaning in our lives. Many people seek, but sometimes, thanks to a return to the sources, we finally find who we are and who we want to become.

Afroculture.net is a website that shares the beauties and riches of Afro-Caribbean culture. He takes you on a trip to the most beautiful continent in the world, Africa, transports you to the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean and the Caribbean and introduces you to the memorable African-American and Afro-Latin American culture. So hang in there and keep following us. This website talks about what is not seen enough in society and shows a positive image of Afro-Caribbean culture, which is not sufficiently represented on TV and in some media. As the founder of Afroculture.net says so well, let us stop expecting others to talk about us and be the storytellers of our own history.


Cultureafro.net is online shop of Afroculture.net. It offers a variety of ethnic products from African and Caribbean culture, for your enjoyment. Sharing, mutual help, faith, difference and perseverance are our values.

Afroculture.net is a site open to all, regardless of its nationality, its color, its origin. Our only goal is to take you on a journey through the riches of our culture and our history.

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We thank you warmly for your purchases on our shop, your participation and your encouragement. We started very humbly, again THANK YOU to follow us also regularly on our site.


Afroculture.net team.