9 hairstyles ideas for albino women

 9 hairstyles ideas for albino women

Afroculture.net is is a website that has been fighting since day one to fight racism and highlight diversity. Black and Mixed women beauty has many forms, and we are often surprised to see that they are not sufficiently represented. Today, we will be interested in Albino beauty. It is very rare to see in Albino women’s magazines or television shows. Like everyone else, they need to be represented in our societies.

Albino, what is it exactly?

An albino person has a depigmentation of the skin on the eyes and hair. We observe that the skin, hair and hair of albinos are white and their eyes are discolored because their body suffers from a lack of melanin. Albinism is a genetic disease that you inherit from your family. She touches girls and boys of all colors.

If you are looking for hairstyle ideas for Albino women, then you will find below many inspirations for your hair.

  • 1/ Afro curly hairstyle

  • 2/ Locs /Dreadlocks

  • 3/ Straight hair

  • 4/ Twists

  • 5/ Cornrows

  • 6/Updo

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  • 7/ Halo braids

  • 8/ Short haircut

  • 9/ African braids

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