3-day beard styles for Black Men

3-day beard styles for Black Men


3 days beard is a very sexy beard style for men. To obtain it, nothing is simpler, avoid shaving for a day or two. You will have short hairs, which occupy the face, for a falsely neglected style.
Once your beard reaches 3 to 5 mm of hairs. You have to shave it with a three-day beard trimmer or a razor whose shoe will not attack your beard too much to keep the desired length and contours well drawn. On the other hand, a 3 days beard requires a lot of maintenance.
To avoid appearing neglected, and keep beautiful looks, it is especially important to master its contours:

  • All hair that grows under the apple of Adam must be shaved.
  • The neck should be clean and rounded. Therefore, all hairs in the neck that protrude from the straight line drawn by the legs must also be shaved.
  • The beard must be content to occupy the lower third of the face.
  • Cheeks should be clean and trimmed. If the hairs begin to rise too much on the cheek, they must be stopped at the cheekbones.

Many celebrities are perfectly wearing the beard of 3 days George Clooney, the former French minister Emmanuel Macron, Clint Eastwood, etc. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular styles of beards.
The highlights of this beard

  • Highlights the cheekbones for a square face.
  • Gives character to the shape of your face.
  • Brings a sexy, virile and dark look. Ideal to make women crack.


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