11 couples in Kente / Kita traditional clothes

11 couples in Kente / Kita traditional clothes


Love, elegance and africanity, many black couples are delighted to wear beautiful traditional African outfits. Lovers like the first to the day, they adorn the traditional cloth Kente / Kita originating from the Akans Ashanti, Yoruba, Ewé, Krous ethnic groups of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

African fabric was in the past worn by Akan kings and notables of high society. Originally from Ghana or Ivory Coast, kente or kita clothing is worn on special occasions and official ceremonies. Symbol of nobility, power and prestige, this fabric will never cease seducing us.

The patterns and figures of the fabric have precise meanings according to the cultures. And there are also different types of kente including kente ashanti (geometric patterns in bright colors) and kente ewe (human or animal motifs).

Kente or kita have become traditional outfits unavoidable. Very much in vogue internationally, this fabric is worn by many celebrities and is today part of the new fashion trends of recent years. This fabric is found on bags, jewelery, clothing and shoes.



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